David Zhang

Dawen Zhang, 章达闻, /Jhang Dawen/

Postdoctoral Fellow @ CSIRO's Data61

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Research Interests

Software and its Engineering - my research area is SE4AI, with particular interests in Fairness, Privacy, Copyright and Software Architecture. I am a big fan of Metamorphic Testing, which is a very intuitive and elegant but still underappreciated method especially useful for testing AI.

Privacy and Copyright - our position paper on the Right to be Forgotten and Large Language Models focused on the privacy implications of LLMs (in media: New Scientist, The Register, Tech Spot, CSIRO); and now we have a few ongoing work, including a paper on data lifecycle challenges of privacy and copyright protection, and a responsible web solution from software architecture perspective. We also study the potential side effects of privacy and copyright protection, as removing data from dataset may cause imbalance, we empirically studied the fairness implications of machine unlearning methods. The two papers were cited in the International AI Safety Report.

Language Testing - as an international student and migrant, I am also interested in the implications of using AI on language testing - a common practice in assessing the language proficiency of candidates. Here are the broadcast and a story by fellow migrant and journalist Wing on this issue. Our empirical study reveals the societal impacts of automated scoring in language tests from the test-takers' perspective. We are expanding our investigation into AI(esp. LLMs)-enhanced language learning and test preparation.


Thesis and Project Supervision
I am currently recruiting undergraduate thesis and postgraduate project students for topics (topic 1, topic 2) at UNSW. The students will be co-supervised by me and other senior researchers. Please contact me if you are interested.

Software Testing Series for COMP6445 at ANU 2022 S1
I taught Software Testing for Advanced Computing Research Methods at ANU.

Blockchain Software Architecture Tutorials for COMP6452 at UNSW 2021 T2
I taught 2021 T2 intake and designed the tutorial content of COMP6452 which is still used by its ongoing offerings. Advanced blockchain programming techniques were covered in tutorials to ensure our graduates were very competent blockchain software engineers. My teaching received very positive feedback; some of my previous students now work in renowned blockchain companies.

I casually tutored a few other courses, and I also have strong background in Operating Systems (I'm a UNSW AOS alumnus), Game Development (graduated from top-2 game dev uni program in China), and Object-Oriented Programming.


I worked as software engineer across various sub-areas in IT industry, and I am full-stack, with particular expertise in these followings:

LoopBack - I contribute to the LoopBack project, an enterprise-level NodeJS API framework open-sourced by IBM. I implemented the polymorphic relations feature of LoopBack 4.

Solidity - I have strong expertise in blockchain development including Solidity and Web3 framework. I technically advised multiple blockchain startups.

Game Development - I was a game developer in a startup. I spent my whole undergrad on game development and game design patterns.

Flutter - I led the development of BYR app (one of the biggest and long-lived social media site for uni students in China) using Flutter. I also mentor Flutter developers, and a number of developers I mentored have found jobs in top tech companies.

Animation & Video Production - I am an animator and VFX artist by training. I make animations and videos for product demos and ads. Watch my recent animation for the Responsible AI product showcase of our research group.


Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University, 2021 - 2024, supervisors: Dr. Zhenchang Xing, Mark Staples and Xiwei Xu

Master of Computing (Coursework & Research), University of New South Wales, 2018 - 2020, supervisors: Dr. Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu and Helen Paik

Bachelor of Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2013 - 2017